Woodfired Grill Company Grills are for Commercial and Residential use. Our Grills are bespoke and custom crafted to engineering standards and are produced from high quality materials. They are custom built to your requirements and to fit your available space.

At Woodfired Grill Company our Grill grids are cut and bent into a V shape with slots. These collect most excess fat and drippings in the drip tray; This reduces unwanted smoke and flames. Our Mechanisms for moving the grids are strong, sturdy and low maintenance.  The Grill construction is stainless steel with bronze bushes and our famous billet machined aluminium custom wheels.

All Woodfired Grill Company Bespoke Grills come with a 12 month warranty on workmanship. We offer after sales service and if you have any problems you are welcome to contact us. A service fee may apply for repairs not under warranty.

How we work:

1. Collaboration

  • First we find out what you require.
  • You are more than welcome to contact us via email or you can give us a call: Contact Page
  • Please note we need a clear vision of what you are looking for.
  • You are welcome to send pictures for us to get an idea.
  • This will include choosing your Grill layout and whether it will be freestanding or built-in.
  • For the majority, the design will be reliant on the available space.
  • If your Grill will be built-in you will need a builder.
  • We do not supply or recommend builders.

2. Deposit

  • From here we will email you our Quotation. Once you have confirmed you would like to go ahead with the order a Non-Refundable Deposit is required in order for us to go ahead with your order.
  • Our products are custom built and may not suit other customer requirements. Therefore the Non-Refundable Deposit will need to be paid before commencing the work.

3. Grill Design Phase

  • This is where we diligently get to work on your design. The design will be specifically for you. Your Grill will never be repeated for anyone else. The Design is done on CAD Software and may take up to two weeks.
  • We may ask you questions and send you updates along the way for clarification.

4. Sign off

  • We will then send you the drawings for sign off on the final design.
  • At this stage you may want to make a few changes and you can do so before signing off. However, we limit this to two returns to the drawing office, thereafter a fee of R800 will be charged per return.
  • Note once signed off, any additional changes from here may incur further charges.

5. Grill Crafting

  • The Project is then handed to our Craftsmen who begins creating your Masterpiece.
  • Woodfired Grill Company Bespoke Grills are handmade by skilled Craftsmen.
  • This is hard work and may take up to six weeks from sign off.

6. Custom Grill Serial Number

  • Every Woodfired Grill Company Bespoke Grill gets it own Serial Number. This Serial Number is then loaded onto our database.

7. Payment

  • The Balance is required prior to the delivery and / or installation.

8. Delivery / Installation

  • Delivery will be your responsibility outside of the Cape Town area.
  • We are happy to install your Grill for you however if you are based outside Cape Town area this will come with additional charges. Also subject to availability.
  • All brickwork and slabs will be for your account and by a builder supplied by yourself.

9. Warranty

Products carrying the Woodfired Grill Company logo carry a 12 month warranty on manufacturing this excludes untested new designs requested by client. in this case we will do our best to facilitate any issues that may arise however this may be at a cost to the client.

Our Warranty excludes chains as they classify as a consumable and discoloration due to the immense heat our products are able to generate. 

If Products are resold by original Client this will Void any and all Warranty on the part of Woodfired Grill Company or any of its affiliates.


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