The Woodfired Grill Spec Sheet gives our clients an overview of how our grills are manufactured. However, if you have any specific requirements please feel free to contact us. We are happy to accommodate your requests wherever possible to meet your needs.  


Manufactured frames from 304 stainless steel; Tig welded and polished. Producing a seamless finish.


Our Grids are manufactured from 304 stainless steel. These are laser cut and bent to create our patent pending V type grid. This V type grid creates a catchment, stopping excess fat from dripping on the fire and creating unwanted smoke.  


Our Wheels are Manufactured from billet Aluminium. While creating the main aesthetic draw to our grills.  These Aluminium wheels also dissipate heat quickly, making them easy to handle even in the hottest kitchen environments.


The Bushings are custom manufactured from specific grades of phosphor bronze that will handle the intense heat and continue to function smoothly. 


We use machinery grade chains which we specifically source for this application. We also stock spare chains for all our grills as from time to time these may need replacing. This can easily be done with a pair of pliers.


The Dimensions of your grill are entirely up to you. We will have our recommendations on certain criteria however, your bespoke grill can be made to any size you like and in any configuration you prefer.