Greek Street Grill

Our Greek Street Grill was installed in Hout Bay earlier this week. Her Name is “Athena”. Our very own Greek goddess of wisdom, handicraft and warfare. We fitted so much onto this Grill with Double Stack Grids, Souvlaki Stand and to top it all off a 4 Bar Rotisserie. As a result she is a wonder to behold. The Rotisserie is a clip on clip off system that can be exchanged for a Grid. As Always this Grill Is made from 304 Stainless Steel with Billet Aluminium Machined Wheels and Phosphor Bronze Bushes.  To be honest this has been one of my favorite builds thus far. Possibly due to the new features I have needed to design and make this Grill or maybe the lovely people I have met along the way. Our Greek Street Grill, Athena has found her home and I wish Greek Street all the best. See more on our customer image page here

Home Grill Cape Town

The Home Grill Cape Town, was a custom built installation with Rotisserie on one side. With this unit we removed her fire box to allow for a gees fire to be made on the bricks in the middle. The Rotisserie was run by an inverted DC reduction motor, plugged into the wall socket. If you remove the rotisserie bars, the grill functions as normal on wheels. This Grill was built into place for the for the home owner; Onto a concrete slab with a fire brick base and firebrick sides.