Where to Get a Grill South Africa

Import Grills

You can Import a Grill made from abroad. There are a few companies mainly in the U.S where you can purchase Grills. They offer great quality products as well as off the shelf units (if you are lucky). However, and yes there is a but when it comes to these things; You will be paying a premium for these Grills as well as import duties and tax. So you may be paying double what the Grill is worth, therefore take this into consideration when looking at this as an option. These Grills may not suit your area and size specification and you will have to build around what you can get.

South African Grill

So if you wish to buy a Grill here in South Africa, you can look locally with a South African made Grill custom built to your specifications. With Woodfired Grill Company, We can cater for almost any shape and size custom built to your needs and style. Thus, no huge shipping fee and no import tax. This saves a substantial amount of money. However, it is not all about saving money; If you are looking at getting a Grill it is also about making a statement. A quality statement comes with a price. While our prices are extremely competitive, our emphases is on quality. Our standards are very high and we only use the the very best available materials. See more about Our quality on our Spec Sheet Page

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