How To Use A Wood Fired Grill

I had an interesting experience last night as I paid a visit to Greek Street in Hout Bay. I had recently installed our Wood Fired Grill there named “Athena”. On arrival early in the morning, I was told that the Grill was not cooking fast enough and it was too hot to even stand next to it. I had to see this for myself. So I stuck around for service that night and set up the grill for the nights service.  I now see what they were doing and realise I may need to add a few pointers on how to use the Grill.  

Firstly, might I add Our Grills are not BBQ’s. Yes, its a similar concept however the cooking style is very different. 

The main difference between Wood Fired Grills and a BBQ is that you cook on the flame itself. So you do want to achieve a coal bed but the flames are where it works best. You will never get the heat you are looking for without the flames. This gives a very distinctive charred flavor that only flame cooking can achieve. “But how does it not burn?” you may ask. Well that comes down to our Patent Pending Grid System. You drop the Grids down onto the flames and you will see only little jets of flames coming through. These are the perfect cooking medium. As seen in the video below.


This gives you a hot Grid for your sear as well as a flame char that is oh so good. Above all this means its perfect for quick start-up and go. Fire cooking with no waiting for the coals to settle like a normal BBQ. As the flames die down you can just chuck on a log or two under the grid which will bring the flames back. A handful of smoking chips onto the coal bed will also do the trick and add a little something special to the meat. “But it will smoke?” you may say. Yes and a little bit of smoke is exactly what you want for that real grill flavor.


  • Grills want fire not just coals
  • The “V” Grid will protect your meat
  • The coal bed does not need to be too big but it does need to ignite the logs quickly
  • Use dry wood to ignite quickly and on demand cooking heat
  • Throw in some flavorsome wood chips for that extra kick