How To Use A Wood Fired Grill

I had an interesting experience last night as I paid a visit to Greek Street in Hout Bay. I had recently installed our Wood Fired Grill there named “Athena”. On arrival early in the morning, I was told that the Grill was not cooking fast enough and it was too hot to even stand next to it. I had to see this for myself. So I stuck around for service that night and set up the grill for the nights service.  I now see what they were doing and realise I may need to add a few pointers on how to use the Grill.  

Firstly, might I add Our Grills are not BBQ’s. Yes, its a similar concept however the cooking style is very different. 

The main difference between Wood Fired Grills and a BBQ is that you cook on the flame itself. So you do want to achieve a coal bed but the flames are where it works best. You will never get the heat you are looking for without the flames. This gives a very distinctive charred flavor that only flame cooking can achieve. “But how does it not burn?” you may ask. Well that comes down to our Patent Pending Grid System. You drop the Grids down onto the flames and you will see only little jets of flames coming through. These are the perfect cooking medium. As seen in the video below.


This gives you a hot Grid for your sear as well as a flame char that is oh so good. Above all this means its perfect for quick start-up and go. Fire cooking with no waiting for the coals to settle like a normal BBQ. As the flames die down you can just chuck on a log or two under the grid which will bring the flames back. A handful of smoking chips onto the coal bed will also do the trick and add a little something special to the meat. “But it will smoke?” you may say. Yes and a little bit of smoke is exactly what you want for that real grill flavor.


  • Grills want fire not just coals
  • The “V” Grid will protect your meat
  • The coal bed does not need to be too big but it does need to ignite the logs quickly
  • Use dry wood to ignite quickly and on demand cooking heat
  • Throw in some flavorsome wood chips for that extra kick



Where to Get a Grill South Africa

Import Grills

You can Import a Grill made from abroad. There are a few companies mainly in the U.S where you can purchase Grills. They offer great quality products as well as off the shelf units (if you are lucky). However, and yes there is a but when it comes to these things; You will be paying a premium for these Grills as well as import duties and tax. So you may be paying double what the Grill is worth, therefore take this into consideration when looking at this as an option. These Grills may not suit your area and size specification and you will have to build around what you can get.

South African Grill

So if you wish to buy a Grill here in South Africa, you can look locally with a South African made Grill custom built to your specifications. With Woodfired Grill Company, We can cater for almost any shape and size custom built to your needs and style. Thus, no huge shipping fee and no import tax. This saves a substantial amount of money. However, it is not all about saving money; If you are looking at getting a Grill it is also about making a statement. A quality statement comes with a price. While our prices are extremely competitive, our emphases is on quality. Our standards are very high and we only use the the very best available materials. See more about Our quality on our Spec Sheet Page

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Wood Fired Grill Tips

Wood Fired Grill Company, CEO and Floor Sweeper. Did I mention Blogger? Well that would be me. Hi, my name is Matthew and this is my Wood Fired Grill Company.

Wood Fired Grill

Grill Design

The Design for your Grill is very important. If you are willing to spend the money on a Grill make sure it is the right design for your application.  Do you want your Wood Fired Grill to be over the top and make a big statement? This is good for fast food places where you are looking for a big impact. Going with a big center fire cradle with a big logo embedded.

You may however, want to keep it simple, with clean lines and a minimalist approach. You can drop the fire cradle altogether. However your Grill will be able to cook big volumes for long periods of time without a good coal source.

Fire Cradle

Your Wood Fired Grill Fire Cradle is the crackling heart of your Grill. In addition, shape is a major factor. You want to keep it as narrow as possible but still aesthetically pleasing as well as fit a log or two on it. You must understand, the wider your box the more wood you will burn. Burning too much wood is burning money. Above all, you don’t want to burn unnecessary money. For a larger firebox use height and length where  possible.


Ah Yes, this becomes a touchy subject doesn’t it? Purists say use only wood and that is the only way. However lets be honest this is not always the most practical way to achieve your final product.

Wood Fired Grills are built for cooking with wood. Firstly their quick wheeled Grid Movements  are perfect for regulating heat from a wood fire. Secondly feeding coals from our fire cradle is suited to wood all the way. On the other hand If you are cooking with a pot on the coals then charcoal and briquettes may be your better option. Most Importantly we are trying to achieve a perfect final product and in this instance a constant lower source of heat is optimum.

As for the wood types, go for a hard wood type that will hold its coal for a long period of time. This should also burn clean as possible. I personally in commercial environments go for Rooikrans or Kameeldoring. They Are cost effective and readily available in South Africa. 

I personally hope this has been helpful. As always remember your time is precious. So use it wisely sitting around a fire with those you love. #LoveOfFire


Architectural Wood Fired Grill

Architectural Wood Fired Grills by Woodfired Grill Company are ahead of the trend with regards to Wood Fired Equipment. We intend to bring the #LoveOfFire into the hearts and homes of all South Africans and then take it to the world one fire at a time. 

Architectural Systems Trends

Our Architectural Systems are proving to be the newest trend in South Africa. Despite what we see in the 2019 food trends which are moving to a more conscientious approach. Including a more vegetarian and vegan based diet and moving away from meat. Certainly wood fired grills should therefore be dropping off? Personally we feel at Woodfired Grill Company that boiled vegetables, for lack of any other word “suck”. Don’t get us wrong we love our vegetables. Consequently you may be pleasantly surprised at how many vegetables can be grilled and the vast improvement it can make. 

Our Architectural Grills

Woodfired Grill Company with Architectural wood fired grills hope to close the gap between a good old fashioned BBQ and modern architectural beauty. Our approach is to first understand the space and the needs of our client. Secondly, we take a base design that is best suited to each client. These may be, to name just a few:

  • Grid Layout
    • Double 
    • Single
  • Wheel Position
    • Center
    • Off Center
    • On The Side
  • Fire Box Position
    • Rear
    • Center
    • Side
  • Base
    • Built In
    • Stainless Counter Top Box
    • Frame On Wheels

In addition we then customise our clients grill with all the little important things such as Logos etc and add a few small tweaks to make it their own. 

Thank you for your time in reading this post. We understand your time is precious. So use it wisely and enjoy sitting around a fire with those you love. #LoveOfFire


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Wood Fired Grills South Africa

Wood Fired Grills are at the core of what we do here at Wood Fired Grill Company. Our Journey begins with our sheer love of fire #loveoffire. This is embedded deep in all of us no matter our race, creed, nationality or religion. Sitting staring into the flames brings a peace unlike any other. Your mind drifts away, thoughts lapping one over the other, as your body settles, like the falling embers in the fire.

Brief History

Back to the matter at hand, what is a Wood Fired Grill and where does it come from? For the most part, this type of cooking is from Argentinian descent. Starting with the introduction of cattle in about the 1500’s by the Spanish. With this, came the Argentine Cowboy’s or Gaucho’s. For the vast majority they were of Italian heritage. Apologies for being stereotypical, however where there are Italians you will always find good food. Lets be honest the two go hand in hand. Consequently These Gauchos were the main influences on what is locally called Asado. The Grilling of meat over an open fire. A delicate balance of red hot coals and fire wood to create just the right smoky flavor.

South Africa has its routes in fire in much the same way, with the Boer or Voortrekkers. A group of Dutch settlers who moved across Southern Africa. This created whats now known as the Braai. The ultimate South African pastime.

Wood Fired Grills

Wood Fired Grills bring all the heritage, history and love of fire together with the modern twist; To create the ultimate Wood Fired experience. Wood Fired Grill Company does this by using simple minimalist architecture for our construction. see more details about this on our Specs Page.

This Brings us to the end of this post.  Thanks for reading. Now to enjoy a Braai, Asado, BBQ no matter what you call it. Do it for the love of fire but above all do it with the people you love.