Wood Fired Grill Tips

Wood Fired Grill Company, CEO and Floor Sweeper. Did I mention Blogger? Well that would be me. Hi, my name is Matthew and this is my Wood Fired Grill Company.

Wood Fired Grill

Grill Design

The Design for your Grill is very important. If you are willing to spend the money on a Grill make sure it is the right design for your application.  Do you want your Wood Fired Grill to be over the top and make a big statement? This is good for fast food places where you are looking for a big impact. Going with a big center fire cradle with a big logo embedded.

You may however, want to keep it simple, with clean lines and a minimalist approach. You can drop the fire cradle altogether. However your Grill will be able to cook big volumes for long periods of time without a good coal source.

Fire Cradle

Your Wood Fired Grill Fire Cradle is the crackling heart of your Grill. In addition, shape is a major factor. You want to keep it as narrow as possible but still aesthetically pleasing as well as fit a log or two on it. You must understand, the wider your box the more wood you will burn. Burning too much wood is burning money. Above all, you don’t want to burn unnecessary money. For a larger firebox use height and length where  possible.


Ah Yes, this becomes a touchy subject doesn’t it? Purists say use only wood and that is the only way. However lets be honest this is not always the most practical way to achieve your final product.

Wood Fired Grills are built for cooking with wood. Firstly their quick wheeled Grid Movements  are perfect for regulating heat from a wood fire. Secondly feeding coals from our fire cradle is suited to wood all the way. On the other hand If you are cooking with a pot on the coals then charcoal and briquettes may be your better option. Most Importantly we are trying to achieve a perfect final product and in this instance a constant lower source of heat is optimum.

As for the wood types, go for a hard wood type that will hold its coal for a long period of time. This should also burn clean as possible. I personally in commercial environments go for Rooikrans or Kameeldoring. They Are cost effective and readily available in South Africa. 

I personally hope this has been helpful. As always remember your time is precious. So use it wisely sitting around a fire with those you love. #LoveOfFire