Architectural Wood Fired Grill

Architectural Wood Fired Grills by Woodfired Grill Company are ahead of the trend with regards to Wood Fired Equipment. We intend to bring the #LoveOfFire into the hearts and homes of all South Africans and then take it to the world one fire at a time. 

Architectural Systems Trends

Our Architectural Systems are proving to be the newest trend in South Africa. Despite what we see in the 2019 food trends which are moving to a more conscientious approach. Including a more vegetarian and vegan based diet and moving away from meat. Certainly wood fired grills should therefore be dropping off? Personally we feel at Woodfired Grill Company that boiled vegetables, for lack of any other word “suck”. Don’t get us wrong we love our vegetables. Consequently you may be pleasantly surprised at how many vegetables can be grilled and the vast improvement it can make. 

Our Architectural Grills

Woodfired Grill Company with Architectural wood fired grills hope to close the gap between a good old fashioned BBQ and modern architectural beauty. Our approach is to first understand the space and the needs of our client. Secondly, we take a base design that is best suited to each client. These may be, to name just a few:

  • Grid Layout
    • Double 
    • Single
  • Wheel Position
    • Center
    • Off Center
    • On The Side
  • Fire Box Position
    • Rear
    • Center
    • Side
  • Base
    • Built In
    • Stainless Counter Top Box
    • Frame On Wheels

In addition we then customise our clients grill with all the little important things such as Logos etc and add a few small tweaks to make it their own. 

Thank you for your time in reading this post. We understand your time is precious. So use it wisely and enjoy sitting around a fire with those you love. #LoveOfFire


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