Wood Fired Grills South Africa

Wood Fired Grills are at the core of what we do here at Wood Fired Grill Company. Our Journey begins with our sheer love of fire #loveoffire. This is embedded deep in all of us no matter our race, creed, nationality or religion. Sitting staring into the flames brings a peace unlike any other. Your mind drifts away, thoughts lapping one over the other, as your body settles, like the falling embers in the fire.

Brief History

Back to the matter at hand, what is a Wood Fired Grill and where does it come from? For the most part, this type of cooking is from Argentinian descent. Starting with the introduction of cattle in about the 1500’s by the Spanish. With this, came the Argentine Cowboy’s or Gaucho’s. For the vast majority they were of Italian heritage. Apologies for being stereotypical, however where there are Italians you will always find good food. Lets be honest the two go hand in hand. Consequently These Gauchos were the main influences on what is locally called Asado. The Grilling of meat over an open fire. A delicate balance of red hot coals and fire wood to create just the right smoky flavor.

South Africa has its routes in fire in much the same way, with the Boer or Voortrekkers. A group of Dutch settlers who moved across Southern Africa. This created whats now known as the Braai. The ultimate South African pastime.

Wood Fired Grills

Wood Fired Grills bring all the heritage, history and love of fire together with the modern twist; To create the ultimate Wood Fired experience. Wood Fired Grill Company does this by using simple minimalist architecture for our construction. see more details about this on our Specs Page.

This Brings us to the end of this post.  Thanks for reading. Now to enjoy a Braai, Asado, BBQ no matter what you call it. Do it for the love of fire but above all do it with the people you love.